Best Freelancing Course for Free

What would you want learn:

  • Master how to make your work unique, create a well-known brand, find clients, and increase demand for your products or services
  • Understand what it takes to be more than the average freelancer
  • Turn professional and make a commitment to finding better clients and doing better work

Course content:

1.How to move up

  • Why be a freelancer
  • A warrior without a king
  • Moving up the ladder
  • Weaving a braid
  • Exercise – Who are you
  • 5 kinds of freelancing
  • Are you unmistakable?
  • Exercise – What do you provide

2.Building assets

  • Different forms of merit
  • Exercise – 10 things you deliver to your client
  • FAQ: Fear of rejection
  • Building your assets
  • Exercise – Rank Yourself

3.Managing clients

  • Choose your customers
  • FAQ: Firing a client
  • FAQ: Questions to ask a new client
  • How to increase demand
  • FAQ: When a client disagrees with your vision

4.Strategies you choose

  • Right place right time
  • Get subscribers
  • Two words in ‘I’
  • FAQ: Building a name as a new freelancer


  • The 4 principles of storytelling
  • Exercise – B2B sales
  • The story is what we hire
  • Excuses are part of the story
  • FAQ: Importance of a contract
  • An aside about how you buy
  • FAQ: When a client has a budget

6.Scarcity, value and your choice

  • Choose the right business
  • FAQ: Local expert vs. wider reach
  • Product adoption lifecycle
  • How to create scarcity
  • Understanding customer LTV
  • Different ways to go to market


  • What your craft is worth
  • Working for free
  • FAQ: Working for exposure
  • Questions worth asking yourself

8.Unique voice

  • Famous to the family
  • Stories of family fame
  • Your brand is human
  • Finding your edge
  • Exercise – Develop a unique voice
  • FAQ: Making a living as a fiction writer

9. Reputation

  • The testimonial book
  • It costs too much to shop around
  • SEO of a kingdom of one
  • Seaweed and permission
  • Exercise – Permission
  • FAQ: Competing with cheap labor
  • FAQ: Too expensive despite experience


  • Promotional choices
  • Drip by drip
  • Stepping out of your invisibility
  • (Don’t) become an insider
  • Taking the leap as a strategy

11.Organize and connect

  • Defining communities
  • 500 disconnected people
  • Exercise – Organize and connect

12.Leverage content

  • Your own publishing platform
  • Debunk and inform
  • Exercise – Leveraging content
  • In public or for competitors
  • Exercise – Organize your competitors
  • Opportunities to consider

13. Sell and promote

  • The fear of buying
  • Exercise – Sales
  • The obligating question
  • Positioning
  • Patience and choosing your industry
  • Pricing and coupons
  • FAQ: Displaying prices on a website
  • Thriving on free

14.Going to market

  • Be the impresario
  • Overspecialize
  • Go outside the system
  • Get ‘famous’
  • The poor man’s _

15. Turn pro

  • Making time
  • FAQ: Consistently generating qualified leads
  • Financial hygiene
  • Be smart
  • Words in -ent
  • Exercise – Make a timeline
  • Readings
  • One last thing

16. A bonus Q&A

  • Live at Creative Mornings Summit


  • No requirements! Just motivation to be your own boss and do great work that makes a difference

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